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Praise For…

Fake Plastic Girl

"A dark, comic, funny, sad, gorgeous Los Angeles noir of a book. Don't miss this one!"

— Melissa dela Cruz, New York Times-bestselling author of the Alex & Eliza trilogy


"Uh . . . this book has everything. Star studded parties, ex-child-stars, and a murder mystery? Add it to your TBR list immediately."

— Cosmopolitan

"A salaciously entertaining debut that is also a disturbing and often depressing look at celebrity obsession, scandal, and teen angst, lit with a lurid sheen of Hollywood noir." 

— Kirkus Reviews


Zara Lisbon’s debut is as fast-paced, fascinating, and frightening as celebrity itself.”

— BJ Novak

Fake Plastic World

“A fast-paced sequel with a few killer twists.”

— Kirkus Reviews


"A suspenseful and surprising mystery from beginning to end, this clever, modern thriller will captivate."

— Booklist


"Suspenseful, funny, and disturbing."

— School Library Journal


Baby’s First Apocalypse 


"Once in a while, a work comes along that knocks the genre off its feet, and Lisbon's collection is this book. Sharp, rich, and topical, Lisbon has a keen ability to toss handfuls of glitter onto everyday life and all it entails.

- Mathieu Cailler, award-winning author of fiction, poetry, and children's books

"Baby's First Apocalypse is like a bag of mysteries & secrets dumped onto the floor where Zara Lisbon & you sit crosslegged, picking up a mystery & examining it, & then the next, & the next, all night, until sunrise lights the windows & your eyes hurt. Sometimes witty & sometimes weepy, the book muses on bruises & Taylor Swift & the many confusions that lie between. It speaks with deceptive nonchalance about searching for intimacies & homes that always seem to twist out of reach. Yet just when it seems the idealized abstractions might get the better of things, Lisbon drops out of the contemplative into direct & embodied realizations like "when I cough, I sound like my mother. The darkest places often get the most sunlight & an identity can be shipped across the country for a price, but Baby's First Apocalypse reminds us that despite this, we continue, breathing & loving & failing & confiding our mysteries & secrets with one another. And this continuing is a kind of victory."
—Mathias Svalina, author of Wastoid, The Destruction Myth, Creation Myths, and many more. 


Praise From Mira Gonzalez author of I Will Never Be Beautiful Enough to Make us Beautiful Together:

"A book full of great poems written by one of the hottest people I know." 

“I've personally witnessed Zara meticulously eat every single piece of chocolate out of a box of Special K cereal, then put the box back on the shelf. This kind of behavior is abnormal, and arguably unacceptable."

"I was with Zara the day Osama Bin Laden died."

"For about a decade, I've secretly suspected that Zara is way cooler than me. Reading these poems confirmed my suspicion."

"Zara eats ice cream with a fork. I know this because I've seen her do it hundreds of times."

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